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2 years ago

S1:E2 – Who Killed Gertrude Crump? Part Two

A one-woman, haunted house, murder mystery, radio show

Episode Notes

Thank you for listening to Part 2 of Who Killed Gertrude Crump?! This radio play adaptation was written and directed by Ryan Gladstone, performed, edited and audio engineered by Tara Travis, with original score by Drew Jurecka and Robbie Grunwald, and foley by Vaughn Wagner.

We’ll see you soon for the next part of the mystery where you’ll hear Quinton Fogg say “I fail to see any good reason to watch this woman bathe.” Please like, subscribe, and comment wherever you get your podcasts. It sure helps us out a bunch! Sign up for our newsletter and never miss a second of what the monsters are up to. Come visit us at

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